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19th Jun 2019

Here is an I Think You Should Leave quiz based on Tim Robinson’s freaked out expressions

Wil Jones

We give you a screengrab of Tim Robinson freaking out, you have to tell us what he is freaking out about

Netflix’s I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson is pretty much the funniest show of 2019. SNL alumni Robinson has delivered us a perfectly-crafted bite-sized sketch show full of weirdness and awkwardness that has quickly become the most quoted thing in the JOE office over the last few months.

It is an innovative show that is not afraid to experiment with the format, but there is a certain formula to many of I Think You Should Leave‘s best sketches. The real magic really lies in how Robinson lets his sketches play out. He is not averse to taking his time with a joke, letting it stew and develop, without forcing it to a punchline straight away. He’ll take a good sixty seconds or more establishing the vibe before even attempting a laugh. I Think You Should Leave is an apt title, as a lot of the humour comes from social unease – but not in David Brent/ Alan Partridge way, but something much weirder and nightmarish.

Or, to boil it down to the basics: Tim Robinson makes a minor social faux-pas, then he freaks out to surreal level, and push the sketch far beyond breaking point.

So, with that in mind here is a simple quiz: We give you a still of Tim Robinson losing it, and you have to tell us what is causing him to react like that.

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