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02nd Mar 2017

Hugh Jackman’s choice for who should replace him as Wolverine is a bit of a surprise

This would certainly be different

Rory Cashin

Hugh Jackman’s last outing as the iconic Wolverine character is in cinemas this weekend, and people are already looking forward to see who might potentially replace him.

Due to Logan’s mutant ability of not aging like us normal folk, Jackman was able to play the character different time periods such as in Origins and Days Of Future Past, but having announced this would be his last time in the role (with just one pretty major exception), this is him done and dusted with the X-Men universe.

He’s still on the publicity trail for Logan, and one of the interviewers asked him who would he like to see put on the claws next, and his answer was … surprising.

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of Shah Rukh Khan, as he’s not exactly a household name over here. But in India he’s been in over 100 movies and considered one of the country’s biggest box office draws.

Plus he and Jackman have already shared the stage… sort of.