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20th Jan 2019

Hugh Jackman has announced that he wants to do a sequel to The Greatest Showman

Rudi Kinsella

We wouldn’t complain.

Hugh Jackman had a fairly incredible 2018. His portrayal of PT Barnum in The Greatest Showman was one of the most beloved cinema roles of the year, and he really hasn’t looked back since.

People loved the songs from the movie, and people loved the movie itself, so we can only imagine that this news is going to go down a treat with loads of people.

During a recent interview with BBC Radio 5 Live, he was asked whether or not he’d be up for playing Barnum again, and his response is exactly what fans of The Greatest Showman will want to hear.

He said: “If a genuine opportunity came up where it felt like the right thing to do, then yep, I’d get the top hat back out”.

That is definitely something we’d be interested in seeing. Just make sure Zac Efron is on board too and we’re good to go.