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03rd Jan 2020

Hugh Grant and Matthew McConaughey guess British slang

Wil Jones

Slang varies wildly from place to place

In one area of the world, a ‘big bag of cans’ means one thing and one thing only, while in another area of the world it can mean something entirely different.

The word ‘scran’ will evoke a certain reaction from a person in particular areas of Britain, but to other people it will likely evoke nothing more than a confused look.

These are just some of the different types of slang that we presented to acting giants Hugh Grant and Matthew McConaughey when we caught up with them recently.

Is slang a universal language? Not really if we’re totally honest, but it is funny to watch people try and guess what the words mean.

Hugh Grant and Matthew McConaughey star in Guy Richie’s new film The Gentlemen, which is in cinemas now