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05th Jan 2020

How to open a beer bottle when you don’t have a bottle opener


Sometimes the universe conspires against us

Most of us have been there. You have a bottle containing some kind of alcoholic liquid, be it beer or cider or some other drink we’ve not even heard about yet, and you want to open it.

You open your kitchen drawer and realise that you either cannot find the bottle opener, or, perhaps even more puzzlingly, you never even owned one in the first place. Is this even your kitchen?

You realise it is and your pulse returns to a more calm pace but you still don’t have a bottle opener. So what are you going to do? Well, there are lots of things you can do and thanks to this handy video, you will know what to do next time you can’t find one.

Whether it’s a spoon, a scissors or, indeed, another bottle, you have no shortage of options. Enjoy.