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11th Apr 2017

How long can you watch a loop of ‘Dental Plan, Lisa Needs Braces’ for without losing it?

An Australian TV station showed it for nearly four hours

Rich Cooper

It’s already going round and round in your head, so right off the bat we’d like to apologise for that.

Even the most diehard of Simpsons fans might struggle to sit through a continuous loop of ‘Dental Plan, Lisa Needs Braces’, but diehard Simpsons fans are more diehard than most diehard fans – even diehard fans of Die Hard aren’t that diehard.

An Aussie TV channel, Eleven, has pushed this to the absolute limit by streaming a three hour 45 minute loop of ‘Dental Plan, Lisa Needs Braces’ to see how long people would last.

The video has been viewed over half a million times, with a height of around a thousand people watching live at any one time. Eleven would have kept the stream going for longer, but Facebook made them pull it when they were just within touching distance of four hours.

Really, it was probably for the best, because who knows what would happen in an infinite loop of ‘Dental Plan, Lisa Needs Braces’.

So now the question is: how long can you last?


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