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11th Jun 2017

How I Met Your Mother star isn’t happy about how the show ended

Do you agree?

Rory Cashin

If you didn’t manage to catch the end up of the nine-season sit-com that ended back in March 2014, then here be SPOILERS!

Attempting to fill the void left behind by Friends, How I Left Your Mother did the whole back-and-forth between platonic-and-sexual relationships between a group of tightly-knit friends pretty much exactly as Friends did, but with the one vital different.

The overall plot of the show was told from the year 2030, with a Future Ted telling his son and daughter, well, its right there in the name of the show.

However, the finale of the show is now pretty infamous in just how divisively it was received by fans, and it would appear that one of the stars of the show agrees with those who think the show didn’t end the way they were expecting.

Alyson Hannigan, who played Lily in the show, was interviewed by an Australian news outlet, when she was asked how she felt about how it ended:

“I was bummed they didn’t just make it a two-hour season-ender, so they would get to show certain parts [that were cut]. The table read for the finale was so good, so right, but it was also like 14 hours long. So when I actually saw the final version of the show, I was like ‘they cut out everything!’”

“It just seemed too quick. Obviously it was a tear-jerker, but with all the stuff that got cut out it was too fast … like ‘OK, now we’re going to find out the mum’s dead, then suddenly, OK — he’s with Robin now’, and you’re just like, ‘wait, what happened?!’”

“I didn’t think Barney should have ever gotten married. I liked Barney and Robin. But in my heart, I always wanted her with Ted. I just feel they [Barney and Robin] shouldn’t have gotten married.”

So there you have it.

Do you agree with Lily? Or are you happy with how the show ended?