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01st Jul 2018

The director of Hostel and Cabin Fever has made a kid’s movie, and guess what? It’s still terrifying

This is exactly the kind of movie that would've traumatised us when we were kids

Rory Cashin

This is exactly the kind of movie that would’ve traumatised us when we were kids

Actually, there’s no guarantee it won’t scare us now.

The new trailer for The House With A Clock In Its Walls has dropped, and at the very start of the movie you might notice one of the production companies is Amblin Entertainment.

That was the company that provided childhood psychological scarring disguised as entertainment such as The Goonies, Gremlins, An American Tail, Batteries Not Included, The Land Before Time and Arachnaphobia, to name but a few.

They’ve teamed up with director Eli Roth – the guy behind Hostel, Cabin Fever and The Green Inferno – to make a kid’s movie based on the hit kid’s book, and who better to scare kids that the guy who made a career out of scaring adults.

Not only that, but he’s also managed to bag Jack Black, Cate Blanchett and Kyle MacLachlan for this story of wizards, evil pumpkins and a house that may hold the secret to the end of the world.

If the finished movie manages to maintain the creep factor that the trailer is going for, then we could definitely be in for a treat when the movie is released in cinemas on Friday 21 September, putting in direct competition with Jennifer Garner’s revenge thriller Peppermint, and Blake Lively’s missing wife mystery A Simple Favour.

Clip via Universal Pictures