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12th May 2019

Children left in tears as horror movie shown instead of Detective Pikachu at cinema

Alan Loughnane

detective pikachu

Oh dear

Children were left in tears at a cinema in Canada after the horror film The Curse Of La Llorona was played instead of Detective Pikachu.

The movie opens with a scene showing a mother drowning her child and centres around the story of a social worker who is trying to protect her children from an evil spirit.

Suspicions were raised when the Guzzo Marché Central in Montreal played the trailer for Annabelle Comes Home, a horror movie about an evil doll beforehand.

Ryan George who works for Screenrant was at the viewing and live tweeted the event, which also saw the trailer for the new Chucky film played.

Parents complained to cinema staff and eventually the film was turned off and the cinema-goers were moved to another screen where Detective Pikachu was being shown.

Oh dear, oh dear.