Honey G isn't going anywhere soon as she drops hint about new single 4 years ago

Honey G isn't going anywhere soon as she drops hint about new single

On Sunday night it seemed the madness had finally ended.

Honey G was gone. The X Factor judges elected to save an act with a modicum of talent rather than perpetuate the farce.


The joke, which had gotten old about 34 seconds into her first performance, had now been mercifully put out of its misery.

No longer would the nation have to have collective fits of disbelief as a sub-karaoke novelty act ate up prime weekend air time.

And now she's departed the show it would be safe to assume she'd go the way of all other X Factor joke-acts à la Stevi Richie and Wagner - heading quietly into the entertainment night except for the odd, brief appearance on reality TV or a chat show sofa.

Honey 3

Although worryingly those where not the comforting noises coming from Honey when she did her obligatory turn on the Xtra Factor settee last night.

After telling hosts Rylan and Matt Edmondson she can’t wait to take the stage again for the X Factor tour, she added: "I know that they’ve written an amazing single, the X Factor team have written a really amazing single so I hope I’ll be performing that."


What?! A single?! Surely this is just some exclusive material to lure Honey G diehards to the tour? At worst a one-off desperate lunge to cash in on the Christmas charts?

No, it seems Honey G is determined to hang around.

The ‘rapper’ made her intentions perfectly clear: "I’d really, really like to get a record deal with Simon Cowell, I have my heart set on that.

"I know I can sell records and I’ve got the potential to go far as a rap artist."

The lunacy did not stop there. Apparently there's also a 'vision' for the Honey G project.



Talking about her mentor Sharon, Honey said: "She knows where I want to take my music career as a rap artist. She sees my vision, she gets me."

The world has been bereft of a true rap visionary since Tupac. Now it seems Honey G is willing to step up and selflessly fill the void.