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11th Jan 2018

Holly Willoughby makes three huge mistakes live on This Morning

James Dawson

Not a great day at the office.

How’s your Thursday going? Well, unless you’re having a real nightmare, probably a lot better than Holly Willoughby’s.

She made not one… not two… but three blunders whilst presenting This Morning earlier today.

The first came as she was introducing the show’s line-up, when she got their tech correspondent Steve Wilson’s name wrong.

She said: “Are you looking forward to getting healthier in 2018? Still Weasel… Steve Wilson, is showing us some gadgets.”

Trying to carry on as Phil cracked up, Holly said: “Steve Wilson’s health and fitness gadgets are revealed at ten past five.”

But Phil noticed she had made another mistake.

Checking his watch, he replied: “How long is this show today? Ten past five – I’ve got stuff to do I can’t be here all day. What are you doing today?”

“l’m so sorry. Five past ten,” Holly said.

Adding: “It’s only the start, I’m so sorry. It can only get better.”

But her troubles did not end there.

Speaking about a competition that was being run later in the show, Holly then said the cash price was just £7.

“What is happening?” she said.

“What’s happened today to your number brain?” Phil added.

But luckily for the duo viewers found it as funny as they did.