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24th Jan 2018

Holly and Phil worse for wear on This Morning after heavy night at NTAs

James Dawson

They looked pretty hungover on today’s show.

Holly and Phil scooped the Daytime prize for This Morning at last night’s National Television Awards – and as you can imagine they didn’t look too great this morning after their celebrations last night.

The This Morning Twitter account hinted that the two might be struggling a bit, tweeting a picture of an empty studio, captioned: “The lights are on, but are @Schofe and @hollywills even home yet?”

Then, minutes before going on air, the show also teased us some more with a photo of a couple of shots of tequila.

When they did eventually go on air, Holly was highly amused by her co-host’s croaky voice, which he admitted had “gone down an octave”.

“That’s noisy,” said a tentative Phil as he walked into the studio.

Holly said: “Thank you thank you once again. It’s our eight one, thank you. We had really good fun.”

Phil said: “We had such a laugh. My voice has gone down an octave.”

Admitting they didn’t have much sleep, Holly added: “I might read the auto cue with one eye shut.”

It came after Holly posted a pic of herself tucking into pizza this morning, which sound like pretty standard hungover behaviour to me.

Well, to be fair, we’d all do the same.