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27th Feb 2018

Holly and Phil break down after heartbreaking This Morning confession

James Dawson

This was a tear-jerker.

There were heartbreaking scenes on the set of This Morning earlier today after Sky Sports presenter Simon Thomas appeared on the show to talk about losing his wife last year.

Holly was unable to contain her tears as Thomas described the heartbreaking moment he told his eight-year-old son, Ethan, that his mum, Gemma, had died.

She was aged just 40 when she was tragically taken by acute myeloid leukemia in November, just three days after being diagnosed.

He revealed that his young son broke down and fell on the floor when he was told the news, and Simon said he “wouldn’t wish that moment” on his “worst enemy”.

Simon said: “I think I woke up every one [in the hospital] as I screamed. I screamed to God saying: ‘Why have you left my son without my mum?’

“I could remember his reaction to [losing a toy]  and I’m like I’ve got to go home and tell him his mum’s gone…

“He went in to see her twice that day [when she died]…

“I held him to her ear a couple of times, he said he loved her.

“I got home [afterwards] and grabbed him and looked deep into his brown eyes and said: ‘They couldn’t make mummy better’.

“You can’t dress it up. I said: ‘Mummy’s died’.

“He collapsed on the floor and I collapsed there with him…

“He’s been dealt a tough break in life at the age of eight, he’s lost his mum already.”