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13th May 2016

Here’s what some of the UK’s most memorable Eurovision entrants are up to now

Eurotrash or Eurotreasure?

Claudia McInerney

Here's what some of the UK's most memorable Eurovision entrants are up to now

A bit like an ill-advised session of karaoke after a few work pints, Eurovision has a fond place in our hearts

It’s nearly that time of year again, where Brits across the land settle in for an evening of utterly outrageous entertainment.

The acts vary year-on-year and they seem to get more flamboyant with each competition.

So, to get you in the mood for Eurovision 2021, we have decided to find out what former Eurovision entrants are up to now.

Lucie Jones – Eurovision 2017

Lucie Jones first appeared on the X Factor in 2009, where the aspiring artist finished eighth. But that did not stop her rising to fame as she represented the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest eight years later. She took to the stage in 2017 and sang “Never Give Up on You.” Jones finished with an astounding 111 points and the UK finished in 15th place. Take a listen.

Lucie went on to marry a fellow X Factor contestant Ethan Boroian a few months after performing in the Eurovision song contest. This year, Jones is preparing to take on the role of Fantine in the West End production of Les Misérables. The star has continued to be successful after her Eurovision debut.

Blue – Eurovision 2011

Now it’s time for a blast from the past and a trip down memory lane as we remember Blue’s performance 10 years ago.  That’s right, a whole decade ago. This makes us feel old. Blue, the boy band consisting of Duncan James, Lee Ryan, Antony Costa and Simon Webbe, reunited to perform in the 2011’s Eurovision Song Contest, where they sang “I can.”  While it had nothing on the throwback tune ‘One Love’, the band seemed to make a good impression. Much to the whole country’s surprise, the UK actually came 11th back in 2011, after gaining a staggering 100 points. Let’s take a look at their performance.

Blue went on to release a fourth studio album in 2013. The band also performed in the one-off gig ‘The Big Reunion’, which featured six groups from the past, including Atomic Kitten. Blue went on to do a few more tours, however, much to our disappointment, they announced in 2019 that they had no plans to release any new tracks.

Engel Humperdinck – Eurovision 2012

For a stark change of tune, Engel Humperdinck took centre stage in 2012. For his Eurovision debut, Humperdinck sang “Love Will Set You Free” and many Brits enjoyed his timeless performance. However, the UK was chosen to perform first, which viewers were not best pleased about. In the end, Humperdinck finished in 25th place. Let’s breeze past that by showing you his soothing performance.

Engel went on to release an album in 2014 and has not yet shown any signs of stopping. Humperdinck last performed in the UK during his concert at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in 2017. The singer has plans to return to the UK in 2022. Watch this space.

Daz Sampson – Eurovision 2006

The Stockport star Daz Sampson took centre stage in 2006 when he sang the hit-song “Teenage Life.” His theatrical performance was most memorable for his overly enthusiastic dancing and blindingly bright yellow jacket. Fashion choices aside, the singer sang his heart out and ended up coming in 19th place, which, for the UK, was not too bad. Take a listen.

But Daz’s stardom did not end there. He dabbled in the music scene for a little while longer and even attempted to represent Belarus in the 2019 Eurovision contest. However, his song was sadly not selected for the live final. Despite further attempts to appear in this year’s contest with the Belarusian singer Katya Ocean, it was recently announced that Belarus will no longer feature in this year’s show. That aside, I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing more of Daz.

Gina G – Eurovision 1996 

Now for a throwback that everyone needs to see. The Australian singer Gina G made her debut on the Eurovision stage back in 1996. Think neon, glitter and overly energetic backing dancers. Gina G represented the UK with a memorable performance of “Ooh Aah… Just a Little Bit”, which actually reached no. 1 in the singles chart. The UK came sadly came eighth place this year, but we personally think that her sassy performance deserved a place in the top spot. See for yourselves…

Gina G released another hit-song “I Belong to You” following her Eurovision debut, which went on to be a top 10 track in the UK. The singer disappeared from the spotlight for a little while but made an unexpected return in 2003 when she participated in the reality TV show Reborn in the USA. The star went on to have her own a record label, Stunt Girl Music, and currently lives in California with her husband.

You can watch the grand finale of the Eurovision Song Contest on BBC One at 8pm this Saturday. You’ll be pleased to know that Graham Norton will once again be hosting the show.