Here's the lineup for tonight's Graham Norton Show 4 years ago

Here's the lineup for tonight's Graham Norton Show

To hell with Storm Brian.

Brian, top marks for not disrupt everyone's weekend.


Well, Storm Brian is coming and if you fancy a night in front of the TV, here's the lineup for tonight's Graham Norton Show.

Hillary Clinton

Former US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be on the couch and we wonder if a certain election is going to be mentioned? Yes, yes it will.


Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump in a campaign that was dogged by personal scandals most notably used her decision to use her family's private email server for official communications, rather than official State Department email accounts.

Since her defeat at the polls, Clinton has recently launched a book and she'll be discussing that on the show.

Jeff Goldblum

Life finds a way.


The beloved star of The Fly, Jurassic Park, Independence Day and The Grand Budapest Hotel will be talking all things Thor: Ragnarok, and having seen the film, let us say that he's worth the admission fee alone.

This is Jeff Goldblum and his most Goldblum.

Given how wonderfully eccentric and chilled the actor is, we're expecting another memorable chat with Graham Norton.

Who doesn't love Jeff Goldblum?


Gerard Butler


Ok, that doesn't have the same ring to it as his famous line from 300, but the Scottish actor will be talking about his new film which sees him trying to battle the weather as it attacks the Earth.

He probably should have called Sir David Attenborough for a few tips.


Jack Whitehall and Gregory Porter

The comedy on the night will be provided by Whitehall who you may know from A League of their Own and Bad Education.

There'll also be music from acclaimed jazz singer Gregory Porter.