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14th Apr 2017

Here’s the lineup for tonight’s Graham Norton Show

Paul Moore

If you’re staying in tonight.

Pro: It’s the long weekend. Con: The lineup for tonight’s Graham Norton Show isn’t exactly stellar.

Then again, if you’re a Doctor Who fan, you’ll be very happy to see a certain someone on the couch.

Here’s who’s on tonight’s Graham Norton Show.

Warren Beatty

The Oscar-winning actor, director and producer will be talking about his new film Rules Don’t Apply. We wonder if a certain mistake at the Academy Awards will also be discussed? Mmm, hell yeah!

Peter Capaldi

Series 10 of Doctor Who will see the good Doctor, Bill and Nardole facing off against the Ice Warriors, the Mondasian Cybermen and two different versions of The Master. Here’s hoping  that Graham manages to get a few more details about what to expect.

Miranda Hart

The comedian and regular Norton guest will be chatting about playing Miss Hannigan in Annie.

Elsewhere, Keeley Hawes will be promoting her new series The Durrells while Jennifer Hudson will be providing the music.