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01st Apr 2017

Here’s one character that won’t be returning for the new season of Peaky Blinders

Paul Moore

The Shelbys never trusted him.

While Tommy (Cillian Murphy) makes the majority of the plans and decisions for the Shelby gang, there’s no denying that he relies on the judgement of Polly (Helen McCrory) and it appears that there’s no future for Ruben Oliver in the beloved show.

As you will know, Ruben was the charming artist that tried to seduce Polly at the wedding of Tommy and Grace in the Season 3 opener.

Actor Alexander Siddig was speaking with Digital Spy and he confirmed the news. “They have a way of moving on, three years or something, every time they start a new season. As far as I know I’m not involved,” he said.

Given the fact that Ruben succeeded in winning Polly’s affections, we wonder if his character is a little bit heartbroken?

“She obviously found someone else! That’s what happens! You go full cock – excuse the pun – and then you get totally stood up!”, he jokingly said.

Well, at least Ruben has left Peaky Blinders in a more ‘dignified’ manner than another famous TV character that Siddig played, Doran Martell in Game of Thrones.

Poor guy, he really shouldn’t have gotten involved with Ellaria Sand, the Sand Snakes or the Shelbys. It only brought heartbreak.

If you’re a fan of Ruben then fear not, the arrival of Adrien Brody, Aiden Gillen and Charlie Murphy should help fill the void in the new season of Steven Knight’s superb show.