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25th Apr 2017

Here are the 10 TV shows that British people feel are value for money

Paul Moore

Are your favourites here?

Given the variety of remarkable shows that are widely available in this golden age of TV, it’s obvious that people will only invest their time and money in something that they’re genuinely excited by.

The arrival of Netflix has changed how people consume TV, but despite the growth of online streaming, there’s one thing that remains constant, the TV licence fee and BBC programming.

Given the fact that the fee has recently risen from £145.50 to £147, it’s understandable that people want value for their money.

Well, with this in mind, here are the ten TV shows that people believe are “worth the licence fee”.

The Top 10 TV programmes that are “worth the Licence Fee”

  1. Planet Earth II
  2. The Missing
  3. Rio 2016 Coverage
  4. Line of Duty
  5. Strictly Come Dancing
  6. The Great British Bake Off
  7. Peaky Blinders
  8. Spy In The Wild
  9. Sherlock
  10. Match Of The Day

According to TV Licensing research conducted from October to December last year, when asked about the value of the licence fee, 50% of respondents said the TV licence fee represented good value for money – according to their research, that’s the highest approval rating recorded to date.

Regarding the TV moments that the British public absolutely adored, here are the 5 best TV moments that your licence fee has recently funded.

The Top 5 TV Moments “Worth the Licence Fee”:

  1. Dancing Bears on Planet Earth II
  2. Ed Balls on Strictly Come Dancing
  3. Aidan Turner shirtless on Poldark
  4. Snakes vs. Iguana on Planet Earth II
  5. The Missing Finale

The licence fee covers all BBC services including the Welsh language TV channel S4C and various other local TV channels.

It also contributes to the costs of providing broadband to the UK population.