Here are some of the Black Mirror Easter eggs and hidden gems in Bandersnatch 2 years ago

Here are some of the Black Mirror Easter eggs and hidden gems in Bandersnatch

Time to go down the rabbit hole

You have two choices. Continue to read this article and risk spoilers. Stop reading and remain spoiler free about all things Bandersnatch.


FYI, after seeing the new Black Mirror episode, who else has had their life Bandersnatched - aka you just see a choice as two linear options to pick from?

Anyway, let's dive in and look at some Easter eggs and hidden goodies from the mysterious website of Tucketsoft.


After deciphering all the routes and endings, there are still some rabbit holes to go down and the main one comes from the website of the fictional games company, Tuckersoft.

As you may know, this is the company that Stefan and Will (FYI, we made him jump) were working for in Bandersnatch.

This being said, their website is a relative treasure-trove for Black Mirror fans because it contains loads of nods to previous episodes.


Ok, let's take a look.

To begin with, the remaining games' descriptions provide some massive throwbacks to events in previous Black Mirror episodes.

For example, we've got titles like Roachbusters (the roaches in 'Men Against Fire'), Terror on Rannoch B (Iain Rannoch is a character referenced in 'White Bear' and 'Hated in the Nation'), Rolling Road (the computer background and avatar from 'Fifteen Million Credits'), Pig in a Poke ( The UK prime minister getting, erm, familiar with a pig in 'The National Anthem'), Valdack's Revenge ('U.S.S. Callister'), and White Bear (obviously, 'White Bear').

In fact, the description for Valdack's Revenge reads as follows: "Based on the popular Space Fleet program, you must battle with Valdack, save your trusty crew, and protect the USS Callister."

Aside from this, the episodes Metal Head (also directed by Bandersnatch's David Slade) and Nosedive are overtly referenced by the titles of games.


You can also see the demonic Pax, the Thief of Destiny, in the image for the Bandersnatch game below.

Anyone else crap themselves after that scene with the safe?


If you click on the Metl Head tab, at the bottom of the page, you'll see another easter egg.

This time, it's a link to, an app that lets you rate your friends or learn your own rating - just like Bryce Dallas Howard's character in 'Nosedive.'

And on the Roachbusters page, there's another app at the bottom. This time, it's the dating app that featured in the brilliant episode 'Hang the D.J.'


Yep, all things considered, we're not quite out of the Bandersnatch rabbit hole just yet.

You can check out all these goodies on the Tuckersoft website here.

Aside from this, the episode also had some winks and throwbacks to other Black Mirror episodes.

For example,  Dr. Haynes works at the Saint Juniper’s Medical Centre (San Junipero) and the eery symbol that was made famous in 'White Bear' originated from the homicidal games designer Jerome F Davis.

Finally, as you can see below, Bandersnatch was also mentioned in a previous episode that revolved around video games, 'Playtest.'

Black Mirror, how we missed you.