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14th Aug 2015

Henry Cavill is having the last laugh with his bullies

Muscling in


Henry Cavill is using his success to get back at school bullies.

The actor, who has admitted he “used to have rolls of fat as a kid”, was bullied for being overweight.

However, now he is a successful actor, famed for playing Superman in ‘Man of Steel’, he’s having the last laugh with the ones who teased him.


He told The Sun: “I’ve had a couple of awkward moments where I’ve seen one in a room and deliberately ignored him and really enjoyed it.

“He kept looking over and trying to make eye contact and I just kept on blanking him. That was enjoyable because he looks like he’s still a w****r.”

Cavill’s latest film Man from U.N.C.L.E, directed by Guy Ritchie is out in cinemas now.