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07th Jun 2018

Hayley is annoying absolutely everyone on Love Island tonight

Orlaith Condon

It’s all kicking off. Again.

Last night, producers well and truly set the cat amongst the pigeons on Love Island, with the two new girls, Rosie and Georgia, being the cat and the rest of the girls being the pigeons… or something nevermind.

Basically, the girls were angry at the sight of two new girls. That’s it.

If you’re already glued to the screen then you’ll already be watching the drama unfold as Jack admitted to Dani that he was bothered when she told him she wanted to be friends and as Eyal confronting Hayley about not giving him a chance.

However, Hayley had something else to say on the matter, arguing that she had been making the effort with Eyal the whole time.

But when Eyal put her to the test to see how much she actually knew about him, Hayley had little to say – a sharp contrast to those on Twitter, who are having absolutely NONE of it.


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