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12th Mar 2020

Having a pint with Vin Diesel over Skype

Wil Jones

“Can I have two pints please – one for me, and one for Vin Diesel”

Have you ever wanted to go for a beer with a Hollywood star? There are likely many things stopping a famous actor joining you down The Dog & Duck, but one big thing is the distance. Most of them live in California, which is probably a long way from your local.

We got the chance to speak to Vin Diesel and Guy Pearce, for the release of their new superhero action epic Bloodshot. Unfortunately, they were in LA. Still, we did the next best thing – we went down the pub, got ourselves a pint, and then hit them up on Skype.

From the comfort of the pub, we chatted to Vin and Guy about playing the eponymous Bloodshot and the villainous Dr. Emil Harting, the wonders of bionic arms, and who would win in a big royal rumble between all Vin Diesel’s iconic characters.

Bloodshot is in cinemas now.