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22nd Nov 2018

WATCH: Harry Redknapp reveals the footballer he’d like to bring into the jungle with him

Rudi Kinsella

And amazingly, it’s not Niko Kranjcar.

People were absolutely chuffed to hear that ‘Mr Deadline Day’ himself Harry Redknapp would be heading to the jungle for this year’s season of I’m A Celebrity, and though it’s still early days, he has not disappointed so far.

He has clearly thrown himself right into the deep end, and we look forward to seeing him take part in some hilarious Bushtucker Trials at some point in the near future.

And as part of the show, the football manager has been answering a few questions from fans to pass some time in the jungle…

Asked which footballer he’d choose to accompany him into the jungle if he were given the choice, Harry (perhaps surprisingly) opted against the likes of Kranjcar, Jermain Defoe and Peter Crouch.

Instead, his answer was none other than Rio Ferdinand, who he’d brought through as a promising youngster while manager of West Ham United.

Have a look below to see why:

Now that he’s said it, we would quite like to see how Rio would get on.

Maybe next year’s show?

Fair play to Harry for getting so involved in the whole thing. At the age of 71, it really is great to see.