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19th Jun 2024

Harlan Coben’s highest rated series isn’t available to watch on Netflix

Nina McLaughlin

“It’s probably the best show I’ve ever seen.”

Fool Me Once was all anyone can seem to talk about at the start of the year, but fans of the series have since realised that there is an even more critically acclaimed series from the mind of Harlan Coben.

Now, for those of you who have no idea who Coben is, he is the author behind the books on which many of the hit thriller shows have been based on in recent years.

These include Fool Me Once, The Stranger and Stay Close, just to name a few.

Netflix is known to love a good Coben adaptation, with six different series currently being available to stream on the site.

However, the highest rated adaptation of one of the American author’s novels isn’t even available on Netflix.

Shelter, which was released last year, is available to stream on Prime Video, and Coben himself has even made it clear he rates the show.

“To you gorgeous people who discovered us through Netflix, might we suggest Shelter on ⁦@PrimeVideo? All 8 episodes are now streaming,” he wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

The show’s synopsis reads: “Based on the bestselling series by Harlan Coben, Shelter follows the story of Mickey Bolitar after the death of his father leads him to start a new life in suburban New Jersey.

“When another new student disappears, Mickey finds himself tangled in a web of secrets.

“With the help of two new friends, Spoon and Ema, they reveal a dark underground that may hold the answers to decades of disappearances.”

Viewers who have already caught up with the show have taken to social media to urge others to watch it.

“Y’all should watch Harlan Coben’s Shelter on Amazon Prime. Omfg sooo good if you haven’t read the book,” one person put.

A second said: “This is my petition for everyone here to watch Shelter on Amazon Prime. I promise you will not regret it like there are so many great plot twists and it’s probably the best show I’ve ever seen.”

Another wrote: “Everyone should watch Shelter on Amazon Prime it is so good.”