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28th Aug 2020

QUIZ: Only true Peep Show fanatics will get full marks on this quiz

If you watch five episodes of Peep Show every night like me, you should do well on this quiz. If you don't because you're normal, you might struggle

Reuben Pinder

JOE’s doing a quiz, JOE’s doing a quiz, everybody quiet ’cause JOE’s doing a quiz

This is not a quiz for the Peep Show casual. This is not a quiz for people who call it ‘The Peep Show’. This is a quiz for people who casually drop “chance would be a fine thing” into conversation without realising what they’re quoting and then enjoy the awkward silence that follows.

That said, everyone is welcome. If there isn’t room here for people who stand against everything I believe in, then what sort of hippy free for all is this? Good will to all men and that.

Anyway, quiz time, 20 questions. Full marks please.

Chance would be a fine thing. A fine thing indeed.

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