Happy 48th Birthday Noel Gallagher - here are the facts you may, or may not know about the rocker 7 years ago

Happy 48th Birthday Noel Gallagher - here are the facts you may, or may not know about the rocker

He is one of the world's greatest artists and inspirations - so it is only right we pay tribute to Noel Gallagher on his birthday.

The frontman is currently touring the US with High Flying Birds, so is probably just waking up as a 48-year-old to read the commendations (banging head included no doubt...).


From his adoration of Man City to his utter contempt for James Blunt, here are 25 things you may, or may not know about the music genius.

Born - May 29, 1967, Longsight, Manchester, 

Married - twice, divorced once, three children,


Sold -  more than 70 million records worldwide with Oasis and High Flying Birds,

Nickname - The Chief,

Loves - his wife Sara MacDonald, (below), his kids, playing the guitar and Man City,



Hates - Chelsea, Strictly Come Dancing and being asked whether Oasis are going to reform,

Has never - dyed his hair or eaten a prawn sandwich, 

Wears - jeans, leather jackets and a red ruby ring (as seen in Oasis video Live Forever),


Won’t wear - "anything his missus buys for him",

A-List friends include - Bradley Cooper, Kate Moss and Roger Daltrey,

A-list foes include - Liam Gallagher (sporadic), Robbie Williams and James Blunt,

Most likely to say - "David Cameron and Ed Miliband can go f*** themselves,"

Music likes - Paul Weller, a bit of Alt J, Jungle and anything by David Bowie,


Music hates - Ah, we'd be here all day, 

oasis animated GIF

Discovered - playing an Oasis gig at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow, 

His next gig is - tonight, Riviera Theatre, Chicago,

The last cancelled gig was - Mexico City on Tuesday,

His reason - “Apologies again to the people of Mexico City who didn’t get to see a show on Monday when I selfishly decided to sit on a toilet for 6 hours and s*** out the entire contents of my being out through the eye of a needle and puke what was left into a waste paper bucket…at the same time! So very sorry I chose to get ill.”

Works out - in his converted garage at home (when his missus Sara MacDonald reminds him to)

Left-handed - but plays the guitar right-handed,

SINGAPORE - SEPTEMBER 22:  Noel Gallagher performs with his band Noel Gallagher's Flying Birds during the 2012 F1 Singapore on September 22, 2012 in Singapore.  (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Doesn't own - a driving licence or a set of golf clubs,

Once hated, but now likes - Damon Albarn,

Spent millions of pounds on - setting up his own record label Sour Mash Records,

Once spent another million on - "Class-A drugs and loved every minute of it,"

On his appearance - "I'm not fat and bald, I'm doing alright."