This guy has set a new world record for binge-watching TV 6 years ago

This guy has set a new world record for binge-watching TV

Do not try this at home.

And you thought getting through all of Daredevil season two in a couple of sittings was hardcore. An American guy has just set the Guinness World Record for the longest TV marathon - notching up a quite literally eye-watering 94 hours.


Alejandro “AJ” Fragoso and two of his female friends stepped up to take on the record, which beforehand stood at 92 hours.



As Tech Insider reports, the rules stated that participants were:

  1. Not allowed to break eye contact with the TV
  2. Entitled to a five minute break each hour which accumulates for each hour not taken
  3. Banned from engaging in conversation that was any more than a few words in length.

The trio from New York watched back-to-back episodes of shows such as Game Of Thrones, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Battlestar Galactica to wind the clock down, but the two girls couldn't go all the way.

Louise Matsakis was disqualified after just 10 hours, and Molly Ennis at the 60-hour mark for breaking eye contact for just a few seconds.




Fragoso somehow managed to battle with extreme lethargy, hallucinations, and voices in his head that were, according to the doctor on hand, exactly what you should expect to have after four days of non-stop TV. And after 94 painful hours, he was named the TV binge watching champion of the world.


We'd like to think the new record-holder went out to celebrate his ridiculous feat, but in reality he's probably still asleep now.

You can watch the video diary of the record attempt at this link.