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13th Jan 2021

GTA VI rumoured to feature series’ first ever female protagonist

Melissa Carton

Huge if true.

Since the first Grand Theft Auto game was released in the late 1990s, the series has become one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially popular in entertainment history.

The last iteration of the game, GTA V, was released in 2013 and is the second biggest selling game of all-time. According to Game Industry, it was the best selling game in the UK in January and February last year. Seven years after its release.

With GTA VI (let’s call it that since we actually don’t know its title yet) soon to be unveiled, rumours have been spreading that the game could be switching it up and creating its first ever playable female character.

Yes, for the first time ever players of the game might be able to choose if they want to play as a male protagonist or a female protagonist.

While typically female characters have only been supporting or non-playable characters, it is now believed that we could see a fully fledged character in the next instalment of the popular gaming series.

Tom Henderson, CEO and owner of social media agency Viral Junkie, recently tweeted that the next Grand Theft Auto entry will feature two main protagonists – one male and the other female.

While there is no official confirmation or imagery to support his claims, Henderson has a reputation for being something of an ‘in the know’ when it comes to the series.

If true, the series will be following the lead of the last three Assassin’s Creed games, which have either made female protagonists optional or made them the sole protagonist.