In the documentary, the talented journalist will examine the issue of anorexia and other eating disorders.

As reported by the BBC: “Anorexia, the pathological fear of eating and gaining weight, is now the most deadly mental illness in the UK, affecting around one in every 250 women at some point in their lives. In recent years, the number of people being admitted to hospital because of their condition has risen dramatically. With many struggling to make a full recovery, being diagnosed with the eating disorder can sometimes mean a life-long battle.”

In the documentary, Theroux will embed himself in two of London’s biggest adult eating-disorder treatment facilities: St Ann’s Hospital and Vincent Square Clinic.

While visiting these clinics, Theroux will meet with women of all ages and at various stages of their illness.

As for Dark States, the final episode, Louis Theroux: Murder in Milwaukee, airs this Sunday and more information about that documentary is here.