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28th Apr 2015

Graham Norton: I was embarrassed to be in the same room as Katie Hopkins

It's simply Norton...

Nooruddean Choudry

Graham Norton has stated he would not have attended Friday’s British LGBT Awards 2015 had he known that Katie Hopkins was going to be there.

Speaking to Gay Star News, the popular chat show host said he was unaware of Hopkins’ presence and didn’t want to be seen as condoning her offensive views in any way.

“I’m truly embarrassed I was in a room with her. She shouldn’t be here, because tonight is about equality, inclusion, acceptance and allies. She does not fit into any of those categories,” said Norton.

Meanwhile, the organisers of the event were also keen to distance themselves from Hopkins and her vile opinions.

“As organizers of the British LGBT awards we would like to apologise to all for allowing Katie Hopkins to enter our awards…we can assure you it was not our intention to mislead anyone and we abhor Katie Hopkins’ views.” confirmed a spokesperson.

We’d love to say we feel an ounce of pity for Hopkins, but we don’t.