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19th Aug 2018

Gordon Ramsay sued by restaurant for disgusting Kitchen Nightmares scene


It shows him throwing up into a bin

Gordon’s not a man known for mincing his words, so you can imagine he had an expletive-filled reaction to the news he is being sued by a US restaurant over an “unflattering video”.

The video was taken from his Kitchen Nightmares TV programme and shows the chef complaining over temperature crab and prawns are stored at in the New Orleans establishment Oceana Grill, before he smells the prawns and chucks up in a bin. Lawyers for Cajun Conti claim Gordon and producers staged scenes during the episode’s filming.

Although it was filmed almost a decade ago, it’s reported that the restaurant’s parent company, Cajun Conti, filed a lawsuit in Orleans Parish Civil District Court on Wednesday after the clip was posted to Facebook.

The restaurant had previously tried to halt episode’s broadcast and filed a lawsuit which resulted in an agreement that footage from the episode could only be remixed in the future if $10,000 was paid to Oceana Grill. An agreement they claim was violated by the social media post.

The lawsuit stated: “During the episode’s filming, defendants went to great lengths to over-dramatise and even fabricate problems with the restaurant in order to increase ratings.

“The footage intentionally portrayed Oceana and its employees in a patently false and negative light, as it depicted the appealing restaurant as an unsuccessful, unsanitary and mismanaged restaurant.”

Daniel Davillier, attorney for Oceana Grill, told the Advocate: “The problem we have is the fact that it’s so misleading. People think it’s something current, when in fact it’s very old.”