Good Morning Britain move Royal Wedding to Gaza 2 years ago

Good Morning Britain move Royal Wedding to Gaza


Good Morning Britain were reporting on both the upcoming wedding between two normal people which is somehow news and the continued political and social unrest in Gaza, the Palestinian territory in Israel where 58 people were tragically killed on Sunday.

Somehow, Good Morning Britain got their wires crossed between the two very different stories and whilst giving a live update on the situation as it stands with the wedding (something, something, dad, Meghan Markle), they accidentally labelled Windsor as "LIVE: ISRAEL - GAZA BORDER".

One viewer was quick to spot the unfortunate error and ask whether it was going to be a change of venue for the wedding, which might have actually qualified as the "controversy" Good Morning were selling in their lower third.

The wording was thankfully swiftly removed before GMB continued delving into the most important news story of the day, whether someone's dad was going to a wedding. Yeah.