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17th Dec 2016

Gogglebox viewers fear one of their favourite duos have been split up

"It's like having Ant with no Dec..."

Nooruddean Choudry

Gogglebox as the premise for a show really shouldn’t work.

After all, what’s remotely interesting about watching a television programme about people watching a television programme? Why not just watch the original shows yourself and cut out the middle men/women? It makes no sense.

And yet, for some strange reason we can’t quite figure out, it’s weirdly ace. There’s something comforting and inclusive about it; as sad as it may sound, the individuals taking part start to feel like part of the family, and old friends.

It’s like a cross between the cosiness of the Royle Family, and that sense of national involvement that you only get from big sporting occasions these days. Gone is the era of Morecambe and Wise specials watched by everyone.

That sense of familiarity means that viewers start to care about the channel-surfing regulars…and notice when any one of them goes missing. Friday night’s show was indeed conspicuous due to the absence of a friendly face.

And we don’t mean Scarlett Moffatt who’ll be back soon. We’re talking about Sandy, whose double-act with Sandra has been a staple of the show for some time now. After a bit of a break, Sandra was back…

But Sandy was nowhere to be seen, replaced on the settee by Sandra’s 23-year-old daughter, Chanchez. With no offence to the new addition, this didn’t go down well with the watching public…

The mystery remains unsolved at present – for all we know Sandy will be back next week – but it just goes to show how intimately connected viewers feel to their Goggleboxing favourites.