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18th Jun 2019

GLOW season three trailer bring the Vegas glitz and the 1980s bangers

Wil Jones

At this point, ‘Netflix take a slight-odd sounding premise and turn it into a really good show’ isn’t really news – but still, and we take a moment to appreciate how well GLOW turned out?

Like, GLOW is a show based Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling’, a short-lived 1980s women’s wrestling company that no one remembers, and stars Alison Brie and podcaster Marc Maron, and has Kate Nash acting, with Chavo Guerrero handling the in-ring stuff. That sounded like a joke show.

But what we got was a really smart, enjoyable series filled with interesting characters and real heart. It gave Alsion Brie the headline role she long deserved, it wasn’t afraid to go to some dark places, and most shockingly of all, it actually treated pro-wrestling with respect.

The second series was also a delight, though with slightly diminishing returns. The fact that they already had managed put on a successful wrestling show meant that season lacked the direction of the first run – but there were still plenty of high points, most notably the episode that was faux-Glamour Ladies of Wrestling Broadcast, complete with commercial breaks.

So we are certainly excited to see GLOW return, and the trailer for season three is here.

A big shake-up sees the Glamour Ladies of Wrestling move to Las Vegas. And normally, a location-change is the sign of a sitcom running out of ideas, but GLOW has always revelled in its 1980s trashiness, so Vegas is the perfect setting. And this trailer, soundtracked to Roxette’s ‘Listen To Your Heart’, certainly goes the whole hog on that.

Elsewhere, we get a glimpse at new cast member Oscar-winner Geena Davis, as well as Alison Brie on a Shawn Michaels-style zipline.

GLOW season three hits Netflix on August 9th.