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24th Jun 2017

Get excited because the new Spider-Man film is getting some absolutely brilliant reviews

Paul Moore

Flawless, fantastic and the action is bad ass. Our spidey sense is tingling!

From the moment that Tom Holland came on screen in Captain America: Civil War, film fans just knew that his take on Spider-Man was going to be great.

Not only does the British actor actually look like a genuine teenager, but there was something about his performance as Peter Parker that just resonated.

The writing nailed the wisecracking nature of Spider-Man, but the nervous energy and wide-eyed enthusiasm of Holland just encapsulated what Peter Parker is – a nerd that’s having the time of his life with these newfound powers.

Truth be told, the scenes with Spider-Man were the best thing in Civil War, which is why we’re incredibly excited to see what Spider-Man: Homecoming has to offer.

Granted, the last three standalone films that featured the wall-crawler weren’t great – as good as Sam Raimi’s first two films were, Tobey Maguire’s ’emo-spidey’ in the third film was bloody atrocious – but the early reviews for Spider-Man: Homecoming are in and they can’t stop raving about Jon Watts’ film.

Do you want to know the best part? Tom Holland has confirmed that he has signed up for a trilogy of Spider-Man films.

Happy days!

In case you haven’t seen the stellar trailer, take a look at it here.

Spider-Man: Homecoming will be swinging into your cinema on July 7th.