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16th Jun 2021

GB News reads out prank messages from ‘Mike Hunt’ and ‘Mike Oxlong’

Danny Jones

GB News presenters read out prank callers names

They’ve had their pants down well and truly pulled down. A timeless classic

GB News have fallen for the oldest trick in the book after audience members called in under the names ‘Mike Oxlong’. Come on, lads, how earth have you fallen for that one?

Unbelievably, they didn’t learn their lesson at all and no one else in the studio pick up on it and soon Mike Hunt manage to text in and make his first TV appearance since the 1970s. In fairness, Oxlong is the lesser-known of the Michaels but there is simply no defending this one – they’ve had a mare.

The lady they cut to definitely cottoned on, surely?

They may silly pseudonyms but you cannot deny, it never gets old when someone, somehow, genuinely falls for it. As one fella on Twitter said, this is the sort of thing you’re warned about on your first day. Now, step right up, Mo Lester, Richard Rash and Peter File.

Even better than the premium content itself was social media‘s reaction to it as we all love a bit of immature, especially when it’s at the expense of a bunch of boomers whinging about ‘woke culture and saying they want to get to the real news without actually telling you any of it. Thank god for ticker tape, eh?

Unfortuantely, the team caught on (finally) and, to be fair, it was still pretty funny watching them acknowledge they’d been utterly “had” by simple school ground humour. Don’t try high road us lot, though you hated that kind of stuff?

Anyway, hopefully, that isn’t the last we’ll hear from everyone’s favourite acquaintances they never met. The launch itself got more views than either BBC or Sky, no doubt through morbid curiosity and to see just how big a smouldering tire fire it would be. Here’s your answer.

So have it, folks! If they’re foolish enough to fall for it, not once but twice, then give ’em both barrels.