Step aside PlayStation and Xbox because there's a new games console in town 4 years ago

Step aside PlayStation and Xbox because there's a new games console in town

We've waited 20 years for this, it better be good.

Atari has given us a glimpse of the Ataribox which will be the first games console released by the company in more than 20 years.


It will have black ribbed lines and wood panelling similar to that of the firm's original console, the 2600, which was released back in 1977.

The company is set to release two different versions of the new console. Both will have different appearances and the other style will scrap the wood panels for a black and red ribbed colour scheme.

The front panel of the console can come in either wood or glass and will contain LED lights which will show the Atari logo.

The device will have an HDMI connector, four USB slots and an SD card reader as well as an Ethernet internet connection.


Atari will give more information about the new console in the next couple of months including information about the internal hardware and types and prices of games.

The company has admitted that they want to work with fans in order to understand what they want to see on the new console.

Atari brought us classic games like Pacman, Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, Space Invaders and Pong.

The old Atari consoles go back a long, long time ago and the body of the Atari console looked a little something like this...


While the controller (or joystick rather) itself looked like this...