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17th May 2019

Game of Thrones theory suggests a major character may still be alive

We're not too sure about this one.

Keeley Ryan

This one really pushes the boat out

There’s just one episode to go before Game of Thrones comes to an end, which means there’s no shortage of fan theories floating around.

From the theory that Jon Snow may have actually played a big part in the Battle of Winterfell to Arya’s next possible kill, fans have been dissecting just about every moment they can to find out the series’ end.

But there’s a new fan theory doing the rounds after last week’s jaw-dropping episode – although, we’re not sure if we entirely buy it.

The rest of this story contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season eight, episode five, ‘The Bells’.

The sacking of King’s Landing was a largely one-sided battle in which Daenerys and Drogon swept through (and torched) the Westerosi capital – even after they had rung the bells signalling a surrender.

A number of prominent characters met their end in the battle scenes, with there appearing to be no way for any of them to make a magical, last-minute escape.

However, despite the fact that he was seemingly crushed by the rubble of the Red Keep, some fans are convinced that Jaime Lannister may still actually be alive – and it’s all down to one particular reason.

A Tumblr user has suggested that fans may not have seen the last of the Kingslayer because of the lack of goodbyes to actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.


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They said:

“Why isn’t ANYONE acknowledging that Jaime Lannister just died??? Why is nobody in the cast thanking Nik for his performance?

“Why did Pilou and Lena’s insta post not say anything about Jaime dying? Why isn’t Nik saying anything about what he thinks of the scene?

“Why did he make a post saying goodbye to Lena, and not to the character he played for 8 years? Why is there no talk of Jaime’s death in the game revealed?”

The Tumblr user went on to wonder why Gwendoline Christie, who plays Brienne of Tarth, hadn’t said anything about Coster-Waldau departing the show.

They also pointed out that EW’s James Hibberd hadn’t released an exit interview with Coster-Waldau, telling a fan he was “holding that one for a bit”.


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He also previously admitted there was a character he was surprised to see alive in episode six – and the fan wondered if there was any other character who would be as surprising to see alive.

Honestly, at this point, nothing would really surprise us when it comes to Game of Thrones – so it’s entirely possible that Jaime may still be alive.

But the guy was already seemingly mortally wounded when he tried to escape King’s Landing with Cersei – so we’re not too sure how he’d get out of this one.