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04th Feb 2019

Game of Thrones and The Mountain made a brilliant appearance during Bud Light’s Super Bowl advert

Paul Moore

The Mountain actually won the Super Bowl.

Oberyn Martell got too complacent. Septa Unella got too cocky. That poor disciple of the Faith Militant was too loyal.

Ultimately, they’re all dead.

The Mountain aka Ser Gregor Clegane aka The Toughest S.O.B in Westeros still lives on and as 14 April draws ever closer, it’s clear that Cersei is going to need her most fearsome warrior by her side.

With so many questions and potential moments of excitement to come, there’s one thing that every Game of Thrones fan wants to see – Cleganebowl, The Hound vs The Mountain, Sandor vs Gregor, brother vs brother.

If the greatest smackdown in the Seven Kingdoms is set to happen, this author knows who I’m betting on (it’s a secret) but The Mountain hasn’t been resting since the end of Season 7. In fact, it appears that he’s more fearsome than ever!

During a recent Super Bowl advert for Bud Light, Ser Gregor absolutely destroyed the ‘Bud Knight’ in a joust before doing what he does best, killing without mercy.

We appreciated the arrival of the dragons to torch the rest of the place.

After all, valar morghulis.