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04th May 2017

Game of Thrones-themed pub crawls are happening in various U.K cities

Paul Moore

Pints are here. Who fancies this?

While we would never encourage the excessive use of alcohol, there are very good reasons why our favourite characters in Game of Thrones are usually drinking more wine and ale than an entire army.

See, drinking numbs the pain and as we all know, plenty of people in Westeros have met a grizzly end.

Hell, Joffrey died while sipping wine from his chalice and as for The Hound, well, he gave us some famous words to live by when he said”fuck the water, bring me wine.”

Do you know what? He’s right.

With the premiere date of Season 7 fast approaching, we’re delighted to say that there’s a Game of Thrones-themed pub crawl happening in Glasgow very soon and you can check it out here.

What’s even better is that this idea of a GOT pub crawl idea has proven to be so popular that that the event will expand to other cities across the UK, including Edinburgh, Manchester and Birmingham.

Definitive proof that these are the four main pub crawl cities in the Seven Kingdoms – granted, all of these cities are in the U.K, but we reckon they can give the local taverns in King’s Landing a good run for their money.

If you fancy dressing up as Jon Snow, Daenerys or any of your favourite characters then you’re encouraged to do so.

As for the Glasgow version, it takes place on June 23, and tickets are £5.

Here’s hoping that the festivities are a little cheerier then the Red Wedding.

We’ll drink to that.