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11th Nov 2015

Game of Thrones script page accidentally leaked on Instagram

Tom Victor

French actor Elie Hadad is reportedly joining Game of Thrones for season six, and his Instagram account may be the source of a couple of spoilers.

This photo, of a cup of coffee and a printed page, looks fairly standard until it becomes obvious that it’s a page of script for the upcoming series.

Of course, the text is VERY small but some eagle-eyed fans have zoomed in to see exactly what is going on.

Watchers on the Wall, a Game of Thrones community site, put together their version of what the piece says together with a little help from their readers.

Mashable suggest there a couple of possibilities for season six. One is that Daenerys has been taken captive by Dothraki and that this spells considerable trouble for her wellbeing.

This of course would make sense as at the end of season five, Daenerys was surrounded by Dothraki after she left Meereen.

giphy (3)

One commenter has also pointed out that the name Missandei features on the page which would suggest this character has a link to the scene.

Of course, nothing is concrete and it’s all a big guessing game but GOT fans are sure to want to know what’s on the cards for season six.