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20th Apr 2017

Game of Thrones released loads of new photos from Season 7 and there are some big hints

Paul Moore

Information about The Hound, Sam and more.

Given that every Game of Thrones fan watched a block of ice melting for over an hour, it’s fair to say that we’re all hooked on discovering even the smallest of details about Season 7.

In that teaser trailer, we learned that Daenerys will finally get to visit Dragonstone while certain GOT’s fanatics have even speculated that The Wall will fall. 

With a cameo appearance from Ed Sheeran and the return of Mark Gatiss confirmed, the countdown is on until July 16th.

Consider this to be your spoiler alert.

It appears that Sam and Gilly are going to be spared a cruel and cold future because they’re together in Oldtown from these latest images.

Awwwh, nothing bad could happen to them. Right?

Oh yes, Brienne and Tormund are still a thing.

The most perilous seat in Westeros. What’s that about Maggy’s prophecy?

Hail the Queen!

Na, this is the REAL queen.

We don’t trust anything in this picture.

Winter is here, but it does look like The Hound needs a f**king chicken.

Ser Davos on the other hand looks nice and toasty.

The King in the North!

A girl looks pensive.

Her brother looks cold as he aims to reach The Wall.

Images via HBO