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20th May 2019

Game of Thrones series finale sees plastic water bottles left in crucial scene

Wayne Farry

game of thrones finale

And so, Game of Thrones is finally over

Game of Thrones is a wonderful television show despite its flaws, and its finale combined the best and worst of what the show had to offer throughout eight long and mostly great seasons.

Okay, that’s about as far as you’re going without any spoilers.

game of thrones finale

The finale did what many people expected and killed off Daenerys Targaryen, just hours after she had taken King’s Landing and the lives of almost all of its citizens.

That bloodthirsty decision and the destruction it left in its wake meant that it was always going to be impossible for her to remain on the Iron Throne.

As it was, Jon Snow – her once lover and true heir to the Iron Throne – sunk a dagger into her heart and ended her reign before it had even begun.

That decision put Jon in a jail cell (briefly) and led to all of the great houses of Westeros later selecting a new ruler of the Six Kingdoms (The North is now independent by the way, keep up).

It was a whole who’s who of Westeros, mainly the ‘who?’ part though on account of it seeing a tonne of characters we haven’t seen in years suddenly reappear.

During this scene, where all of these lords and ladies made the decision to crown Bran the king, we see them each sitting on a chair. Now these just look like normal chairs, and they are, but some eagle-eyed viewers did spot that next to these chairs, at least two of them anyway, there was something a little off.

game of thrones finale

game of thrones finale

That’s right: two water bottles. Plastic water bottles.

The rest of the episode featured no other plastic containers – which is nice – and we believe that it this stage there’s absolutely no point in getting angry about a show that isn’t airing anymore. It is quite funny though.