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29th Apr 2019

Game of Thrones fans had one major complaint about the Battle of Winterfell

Well that was certainly epic, but Game of Thrones fans all seemed to have the same major complain about the Battle of Winterfell's direction

Reuben Pinder

Well that was certainly epic, if you could see it


And finally winter came. This is what it had all been building up to. This battle is what we’ve waited for over the course of the last eight seasons, stretching ten years. And it was great, if you could see it…

Game of Thrones fans have expressed their disappointment at one major aspect of the Battle of Winterfell: quite simply how dark it is. We know it’s set at night, in winter. The long night, winter is coming etc. But if you’re spending close to £100m on one episode of television, it shouldn’t be too hard to light it properly so viewers can see what’s going on.

It struck me as the sort of thing that would be best watched in a cinema – it is 80 minutes after all – but on a television screen in a standardly lit living room, or heaven forbid watching on a mobile phone on the London Underground as I watched it, sometimes it became difficult to actually make out what was happening.

The internet was not shy to voice this concern.

Just to illustrate the point even further, I tried to take screenshots of the episode and this is what I got.

A black square.