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25th Apr 2018

Game of Thrones fans have placed a flurry of bets on an outside contender for the Iron Throne

Paul Moore

An outsider but popular.

As always, if you’re not up to date with all things related to Game of Thrones, row your boat in the other direction.

Ah, Gendry. The blacksmith that made an instant impression on fans everywhere as Robert Baratheon’s bastard charmed Arya Stark on their journey to The North. Sadly for Gendry, he encountered Melisandre and the Red Woman looked set to sacrifice him in a bid to help Stannis’ quest for the Iron Throne.

You’ve got to love the families in Game of Thrones! Where else would you get a man that’s happy to kill his own brother, nephew and daughter?

Anyways, thanks to the quick thinking of Ser Davos Seaworth, Gendry was smuggled away as he kept on rowing and rowing and rowing and rowing and rowing until he reached King’s Landing – we’re also presuming that Ser Davos gave him a sackful of that world famous fermented crab to help him, erm, settle down.

Anyways, after laying low in his new job on Flea Bottom, Gendry – sorry, erm, Clovis –  was delighted to travel with Ser Davos and Jon as they headed beyond The Wall to battle the army of the dead.

In recent weeks, Joe Dempsie has been talking about his arc in Season 8 and hinting at a bigger role to play but it seems that some Game of Thrones fans think that there could be a Baratheon on the Iron Throne again.

Oddschecker has revealed that there has been a surge of bets on the Baratheon bastard ending up on the Iron Throne.

Over the last 24 hours, 90% of bets in the ‘to rule Westeros at the end of Season 8’ have been placed on Gendry.

Apparently, this wave of bets all stems from a fan theory that would actually support Gendry’s legitimate claim to the Iron Throne. The theory states that Cersei is, in fact, the mother of the former blacksmith but she gave him away to ensure that a Lannister would end up sitting on the Iron Throne.

That would make the last remaining child of Robert Baratheon a legitimate heir to the kingdom of Westeros.

Granted, the recent revelation about Jon Snow’s parentage makes him the legitimate Targaryen heir, but Gendry’s apparent claim would make a very interesting storyline for Season 8 – especially given Daenerys’ obsession with taking the Iron Throne and her newfound relationship with Jon.

Throughout Season 7, it’s also clear that the sons of Ned Stark and Robert Baratheon were becoming strong allies too. At present, Daenerys is the bookies favourite to take the Iron Throne but there are some people that would love to see a *proper* Baratheon rule the Seven Kingdoms.

Regarding this flurry of bets, a spokesperson for Oddschecker said: “There’s been plentiful interest in the market for who will rule Westeros come the end of the final season.  One name that is attracting a plethora of punting attention is bastard Gendry, with the lion’s share of bettors jumping on the unlikely ending to the epic series. Following the intense speculation, bookmakers have been forced to cut him from 50/1 whilst in hiding, into just 12/1 as of today.”

A Baratheon on the Iron Throne? After all, Ours is the Fury.

*We say a proper Baratheon because Joffrey was an absolute bastard in every sense of the word and Tommen, well, he was weak.