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03rd May 2019

Game of Thrones fan theory somehow gives Jon Snow all the credit and not Arya

Kyle Picknell

Before we begin, let us make abundantly clear that we did not endorse the following Game of Thrones fan theory that completely mugs Arya off in favour of *checks notes* the aunty shagger

As you will no doubt be aware, Jon Snow absolutely bottled it during Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3, ‘The Long Night’.

In our industry-leading player ratings for the Battle of Winterfell, Jon Snow was the single worst performer, closely followed by his fellow bedwetter Samwell Tarly.

Anyone who watched the episode knows that Arya Stark was the real MVP, a knife-wielding, library-sneaking tour de force of a warrior who should be given as much credit as possible – whatever you think about her sudden transformation into Michael Jordan during the final few seconds of the basketball game in Space Jam.

That being said, the debate around how exactly Arya escaped the attention of thousands of Wights to sneak, and then leap up on the Night King has led to the following Reddit fan theory: that, somehow, Jon Snow deserves all the credit.

According to user Applesoapp, when Jon Snow was locked into that whole incredibly embarrassing shout-off with a dragon, he was actually providing the ultimate distraction for Arya to pass through to the Godswood and attack the leader of the army of the dead.

Are you buying it? That Jon Snow was actually screaming “GO”? Whilst trying to, er, shoo away a massive ice dragon?

Yeah, us neither. Please continue to put the appropriate level of respect on Arya Stark’s name.