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23rd Apr 2019

Game of Thrones fan theory predicts the death of Stark sisters in Battle of Winterfell

Another fan theory claims that the official teaser, when Arya, Jon and Sansa are down in the crypts of Winterfell, suggests that their deaths are imminent

Reuben Pinder

More fan theories, more death

Warning: Spoilers are coming

As we digest what went down, and what didn’t, in season eight, episode two of Game of Thrones, the fan theories are gathering pace.

It’s very rare that anything in Game of Thrones is coincidental. There’s always some sort of hint from five seasons back that told us something would happen, as we have seen in season eight, with many pieces of dialogue mirroring key events in season one.

Bearing that in mind, there is yet another fan theory doing the rounds, this time predicting that Sansa Stark and Arya Stark will both die in the next episode.

Once again, the roots of this theory lie in one of the official teaser’s for season eight. In the video below, we see Arya, Jon and Sansa, all down in the crypt looking extremely on edge. The trio are confronted by statues of themselves. As we know by now, statues in the crypt are tributes to the dead. Obviously, this sounds alarm bells for the Starks. Is their death imminent?

Then, frost spreads throughout the crypt, before Jon’s torch goes out. This can surely mean only one thing: the Night King and his army are there, and they’re coming for the Starks.

One detail that might have escaped your attention, though, is how each character is sculpted in the statues. Arya and Sansa both appear to look as young as they do in the present day – probably not a good sign for them. Jon, meanwhile, looks older. He appears to have aged greatly in the form of the statue, which could suggest that he survives this battle and dies much later (possibly in a battle between him and Dany for the Iron Throne?). Add to this that Kit Harrington was the last actor filming on the show, as he revealed in an interview with GQand it seems all the more plausible that he outlives both Sansa and Arya by a long time.

This was first noticed by Reddit user Issanovaa on the Game of Thrones subreddit.

“Jon Snow was much older, almost the same age as Ned Stark,” they write. “So maybe the war goes on for years or he defeats them and starts again.”

We may be reading too much into the appearance of Jon’s statue, but the Warden of the North outliving his two ‘sisters’ would be a bittersweet ending typical of George RR Martin’s work.

Other fans have pointed out that the objects the statues are holding could indicate the cause of death for each character.

Arya’s statue is holding her beloved sword, ‘needle’, hinting that she may well die in battle, while Sansa (obviously) and Jon are not holding weapons, suggesting that their deaths may come at a later date, outside of the battlefield.

Of course, this is all just fan theory, mere speculation. But as we’ve learned, coincidences are seldom seen in GoT.