Game of Thrones director answers the question about why Tyrion looked worried in that scene 4 years ago

Game of Thrones director answers the question about why Tyrion looked worried in that scene

He also spoke about any secret pact between Cersei and Tyrion.

You know what's coming. If you want to remain happy and spoiler-free, look away now.


Winter is here and those long nights without any new Game of Thrones episodes to enjoy are approaching.

There was so much to digest from the season finale, The Dragon and the Wolf, but plenty of viewers were asking the same thing , why did Tyrion look so worried at the end?


As you may remember, the Hand of the Queen looked far from comfortable as he saw Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryen entering Daenerys' bedroom.

During an interview for the Inside the Episode segment, Peter Dinklage said that Jon and Dany's incestuous relationship is "dangerous for everyone involved. I'm sure it's good for both of them - in that moment - but you don't even get the sense of how beautiful it should be. It should be, but it's not. This is Game of Thrones, there's a long history of romance not ending well on this show."

Since that ending, various theories have circulated regarding his behaviour on the boat and the potential of Tyrion betraying Daenerys  - you can read some of them here.

Regarding these theories, one of the most popular views is that Tyrion has fallen in love with Daenerys during her quest to retake the Iron Throne.


Other people think that Tyrion’s worried expression was due to a secret pact that he made with Cersei. If such a pact existed, then maybe Jon Snow's presence could upset the temporary truce between the Lannister siblings.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Jeremy Podeswa, director of The Dragon and the Wolf, denied the belief that Tyrion has romantic feelings towards Daenerys.

"I think there’s jealousy, but it’s maybe not romantic jealousy, in the way that it is for Jorah, for example. I think that for Tyrion, it’s more complicated. I think he has a very special relationship with Dany and he really believes in her as a true leader and has invested a lot in her. I think for him, with Jon and Dany getting together, this represents a possible undermining of his position with her and also a monkey wrench thrown into what the master plan really is meant to be around this entire alliance."


It appears that Tyrion isn't going to be Lord Friendzone v2.0.

Podeswa also said that the arrival of Jon Snow as a romantic interest for Dany could cause her judgment and decision-making abilities to become clouded.

"The way I see it is Tyrion is a bit of a strategist—not just a bit of a strategist, he is a major strategist—and I think now, he can’t see where this is gonna go and that’s very difficult for someone who is always thinking three steps ahead. The consequences of Dany and Jon getting together are completely unknown. Is she gonna make decisions now based on this new relationship? Is she gonna be able to separate her personal [interests] from the interests of the greater group? What is this going to foretell for the alliance and what they’re all meant to do as a united front? So I think the worry for him is that now, everything is up for grabs. We don’t really know who’s going to side with who, what’s gonna happen at the end of the day, and which alliances are going to be the strongest," he adds.

In a very interesting interview, the director also believes that there's more to the conversation between Tyrion and Cersei than the audience saw.


"I think the assumption is that there definitely was more conversation after that, which leads to her coming back to the Dragonpit and agreeing to be part of this alliance—we think, at that point. (Laughs.) So yes, there was definitely more conversation after that. But that’s all gravy. The essence of it is where it gets to at the end of that scene. I think, for me, that’s one of the great moments for both those actors. I literally had to take a breath. The first time they played [the pregnancy reveal], I was like, (gasp). It was a very powerful moment."

You have to love House Lannsiter, they really do manage to keep that element of mystery and deception in Game of Thrones.

So, when does Season 8 start?