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22nd Aug 2015

Game of Thrones: Another sign that ‘that’ character may be returning (Picture)

Tony Cuddihy

Spoiler alert that’s the size of The Wall.

Sometimes I wonder if all of the cast members of Game of Thrones are happy. I mean, the entire world seems to be only interested in the fate of one particular person in Westeros, but has anyone stopped and asked how Hodor is getting on?

Fans can be so selfish at times. If I had my way, or the psychopathic tendencies of Joffrey, then I’d ensure that heads would roll in the realm.

Enough about my tyrannical ways because Season 6 is currently filming in Belfast and as always this is the moment when you should take heed of JOE’s spoiler alert klaxon.

Melisandre Spoiler

Still with us? Grand because Kit Harrington and his gorgeous locks have been spotted in Belfast yet again.

Some of you may know the dance act Flawless. Take a guess at who they ran into during a recent visit to Belfast?

Mmm, is it just me or is Lord Snow spending an awful lot of time on location in Ireland. Perhaps this might end any rumours that he’s just showing up on location to film a quick funeral scene before setting off?

Once again, we know nothing…