Game of Thrones' entire cast will reunite for a one-off special 3 years ago

Game of Thrones' entire cast will reunite for a one-off special

The iconic show is bringing together every cast member, alive or dead, with season eight incoming

Game of Thrones fans will have to wave goodbye to the beloved series once season eight bows out in 2019, but a special treat is in the bag to celebrate the show's end.


Sean Bean, aka Ned Stark, has opened up on a reunion special that was recently filmed in Belfast for US television.

It is set to feature all members of the cast, whether their character is alive or dead in the current plot, although much like the upcoming series, no details of a release date have been announced.

Bean was discussing the reunion while admitting that he often struggles to keep in touch with his fellow Game of Thrones alumni, due to his jet-setting work life.

"I have only seen them on a couple of occasions. Last time, was about four weeks ago in Belfast," admitted the 59-year-old to The Hollywood Reporter.

"Conan O’Brien did this thing. It was the last episode, so we all got together. It was good! It is funny with work, you don’t really keep in touch.

"You do so many types of jobs in that part of the world. It is just like whenever I see old friends or even old drama school friends, it is just the same, we pick up where we left off last time.


"It was for season eight, the last one. So they decided to get all the characters together for a bit for this big show in Belfast and [O'Brien] kind of hosted the evening."

The eighth season of Game of Thrones will comprise of only six episodes and is reportedly due to hit our screens in April of 2019, featuring what has been described as a 'twist that nobody saw coming' as the show draws to a close.